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How Does the BC Game Affiliate Program Work?

The BC Game Affiliate Program allows individuals to earn additional income by referring players to the BC Game platform. The terms of the program stipulate that affiliates must register and be approved by BC Game before participating. Partners are provided with unique referral links or tracking codes to attract players who come from that particular program participant.

Commissions are based on the net revenue generated by these referred players. The program has certain payout thresholds and payment methods that may vary. BC Game reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the program. Partners are expected to be ethical and not to engage in fraudulent or misleading activities.

We will show you how the BCGame affiliate program works.

How to Become a BC Game Partner?

Becoming a BC Game partner means joining the platform. The process does not take much time and is quite simple. To become our partner, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Access our official website or BC Game app for Android or iOS and complete the registration process. Click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the page. Consistently enter the BC Game new login and the requested information and create a strong password.
  2. Proceed to the “Affiliate Program” section. From the main menu of the page, go to the “Affiliate Program” section and then request your referral code.
  3. Promote BC Game. Use your unique referral link provided in your account to invite others to join the platform.

BC Game provides you with a dashboard where you can track the activity of your referrals. Keep track of your earnings, monitor referred users, and analyze your overall performance.

Carefully consider how to become a member of the BCGame affiliate program.

BC Game Partner Rewards

The table below provides an introductory overview of BC Game rewards, showing the different referral levels, the corresponding amounts received, and the corresponding rewards. Check out the summary breakdown of the referral program:

Referral LevelTotal amount of betsAwards
VIP 041,000BDT 55
VIP 085,000BDT 275
VIP 1417,000BDT 550
VIP 2249,000BDT 1,320
VIP 30129,000BDT 2,745
VIP 38312,000BDT 5,490
VIP 46769,000BDT 8,790
VIP 541,793,000BDT 13,185
VIP 624,097,000BDT 22,520
VIP 709,217,000BDT 55,000

BC Game Commission Rewards

BC Game rewards program aims to incentivize and reward players for their loyalty and activity on the platform. Through various commission rules, players can earn rewards for a variety of activities, including:

  • 7% of a 1% bet in the original games;
  • 15% of a 1% stake in 3rd Slots, Live Casino;
  • 25% of 1% on Sports;

The system calculates the commission every 24 hours.

We will tell you about the reward from the BCGame affiliate program.

Special Conditions for Those with Large Audiences

Affiliates with large audiences receive some special conditions that can increase their income. They often have access to a variety of opportunities such as collaborations, sponsorships, and more.

You can develop a personalized casino website with your preferred domain and theme. If you have a popular website or an active social media account, simply send an email to [email protected] and we will provide you with a range of exclusive offers and benefits.

We will tell you about the special conditions of the BCGame affiliate program.

Platform for Partners

Platform for Partners is an effective tool that empowers customers with human-to-human interaction. Having an intuitive interface allows partners to easily navigate the platform and access various features. The panel has the following sections:

  • Referral Codes. Create referral codes and links and send personalized messages to your friends;
  • Banner Upload. Get access to an archived folder containing banner ads that you can download and use anytime;
  • Follow your friends. Manage your friends by entering their username, registration date, and code to view their information;
  • Commissions. Track and earn commissions in this simple section, plus convert currencies and withdraw to your wallet;
  • Rewards in BDT. View and withdraw BDT rewards to your main casino account.

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How to join an affiliate program?

To join the BC Game affiliate program, first of all, a user needs to register on the website. After that, in the main menu section “Affiliate Program” the client can get his unique referral link. More detailed instructions are given in the section “How to Become a BC Game Partner?”.

How can I see statistics about my referrals?

Watching statistics of referrals is available to partners in their cabinet.

How many times can I withdraw my profit from my BC Game affiliate account?

You can withdraw your earnings at certain intervals (monthly, weekly, or daily) and the amount of income will vary. Read the main terms and conditions of the BC Game affiliate program, which are reflected in the section “BC Game Partner Rewards”.

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